Our technology licensing program helps accelerate your product build for sensing the world around you. 

Sensing Human Behaviour in Open or Public Spaces

The world exists in a fog of radio waves, and not all human behavior and physiology can be captured through connectivity to a user's device. Passive sensors are required to make sense of uniquely human behavior in a chaotic noisy environment. 

The Streetspace IoT sensor technology captures physiological and behavioral data to deliver rich public space experiences.

The Streetpsace sensor measures:  

  • Motion 

  • Detailed gesture movement, 

  • Heart rate and respiration

  • Speed  

  • Direction

  • Distance

Streetspace sensor features include:

  • Small form factor 

  • Energy efficient

  • Privacy protection

  • Transmits through walls

  • Adaptable to different application requirements

All required documentation, hardware design files will be provided to license holders. 

Deliver Personalized Experiences in Public Spaces

Wifi technology is now widely adopted and an integral part of everyday life. 

Wifi hotspots worldwide are on the rise making this public infrastructure one of the most fertile sources of data intelligence for providing rich and personalized user experiences. 

Once devices are connected and user authenticated to the Wifi infrastructure it opens up location and profile data collection capabilities. This data can be used to create timely and relevant offerings or experiences for the user. Streetspace has been providing online personalized experiences in public spaces to users for almost 20 years and continues to do so through its direct licensing and strategic partnership ecosystem.


Delivering unique personalized experiences in the real world