Accelerating personalized experiences through new innovations

Since the 1990s, Streetspace has been at the forefront of developing products and services to deliver personalized, targeted advertisements and location-based information via touchscreen-enabled devices in public spaces connected to the internet.  


Today, Streetspace IoT sensors are designed to improve human experiences and better understand public environments.  


Deployed Streetspace solutions in major retailers including McDonalds and Starbucks. 


Launched internationally in the Singapore Transit system to provide users with location-based services.


Patent issued on wireless physiology sensors.

2018 - Present

Adapted existing medical pendant technology to work in various IoT devices for Smart Homes to detect presence, including motion, gesture and Wireless Physiology, including heart rate and respiration.


Launched a citywide network of public terminals in Berkeley, California, delivering personalized information based on profile & location. 


Patent issued on delivering location-based services based on user profiles.  


Began research and development of wireless heart rate and respiration sensor.


Pendent developed to acquire heart rate and respiration for the health care industry.