Introducing Web Station™
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Streetspace wins Industrial Design Excellence Award
“Why should a public access Internet terminal look like a shrine, closed off, walled in and private when it is supposed to be accessible and ubiquitous as the payphone?”
- Industrial Designers Society of America
Introducing the Web Station™

The Streetspace Web Station™ is an IDSA award-winning Internet terminal to deliver online services that can be personalized to users based on their queries and location in high traffic areas.

The Web Station™ was envisioned with the idea that users would be able to simply "Walk up to the Web" in thousands of retail locations, shopping malls, banks, transit hubs, restaurants, café's and places of interest for quick check-ins for email, information, or online services to users on the go. These sleek terminals give users a different browsing experience to surfing the Web at home as it engages the user at the point they are most likely to conduct a retail transaction, book a ticket, or make a purchase query.

The Web Station™’s popularity with users led Streetspace to design and develop a compelling technology for businesses to track profiles and browsing history of visitors to their websites. This enables businesses to filter customer needs and deliver targeted location based ads to users.

A secure customised browser provides Internet browsing, email, eBanking and eGovernment services as well as value added applications such as card readers, thermal and A4 printers.

The Web Station™ connects to the Internet using multiple WiFi, Ethernet and EDGE interfaces. Its StreetPartner™ network manager allows customers to remotely manage the terminals, monitor usage and measure results as well as deliver specific services based on the user.

  ...retailers that hosted >STREETSPACE pilots saw an increase in sales. They've had people walk in the door specifically to use the Web Station™, but then stay around and shop.  
- Kioskmarketplace.com

Unique Design
The IDSA award winning Web Station™s are designed by IDEO, the world's leading industrial design house. The Web Station™s were designed to be compact, inviting, and fit cleanly into a wide variety of environments, clearly distinguishing it from conventional pay-per-use "Internet terminal". Its rugged build is optimised to provide maximum uptime in high traffic user frequency environments and is especially suited for retail environments and public spaces with high-foot traffic such as airports, train stations, government buildings, product showrooms, restaurants, cafes and shopping malls.

US Patents

D433679 D451916 6847969
Web Station™s in Action

ZDTV: Web surf at Ballpark

ZDTV: Streetspace in Berkeley

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