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“The Web Station™ will also allow Net-savvy Singaporeans to pay their bills and top up their prepaid phone and gaming accounts.”
- Straits Times (Spore)
Network Analytics

Measurable Traffic Across Network

The StreetPartner™ network manager ensures that customer's deployment objective are measurable. Customers can monitor usage statistics and analyse behaviour patterns of users to ensure deployment objetives are met.

Generate Performance Reports And Usage Statistics
The StreetPartner™ network manager generates usage and performance statistics of all Web Station™s installed in the network. Customers are able to view a detailed log of usage sessions by station, location or by specific time periods.The screenshot below shows a sample Usage Session for a selected day. In this sample customers can view terminals by location, number of sessions, session start and end times and duration of the sessions. As could be oserved the sessions range from half a minute to about nine minutes.

Sample Statistic

Customers can see graphical views of both monthly and cumulative usage of the Web Station™s at any particular location. The sample Station Usage Summary screenshot below shows a cumulative usage of 49,000 minutes over a total duration of usage over three months at the Customer’s four Web Station™s.

The bottom graph shows a breakdown of total duration of usage over five Web Station™s.


Analysis of Transactions at Customer Site
The Web Station™'s Firefox browser could be set-up with a unique ID (user agent) to develop filters that identify all transactions made only through the Web Station™s. The filters developed have to be linked to the Customer’s portal since transactions are made through Customer’s site.

StreetPartner™ network manager tracks all transactions according to services offered at a Customer site (eg. bill payment). However StreetPartner™ uses shared data from the Customer site to derive the total percentage of transactions done at the Web Station™ over the whole of the Customer’s volume transactions at their site, to create the required reporting.

Capture and Easily Download Data
StreetPartner™ also logs Profile ID, Location ID, Usage History and Session Time which can be used for analysis by the customer. The StreetPartner™ network manager allows customers to export usage session statistics as a CSV file which is importable into Microsoft Excel.

Sample Data

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