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Free love, free speech; now Berkeleyans get free e-mail
“The cyber-linked computers will offer free e-mail accounts, instant messaging and access to a calendar of events, posting board and discussion groups focusing on the Berkeley street scene.”
-Oakland Tribune
Targeted Service Delivery - Ads and Online Services

Capture Profile and Usage History
StreetPartner™ network manager captures data on Web Station™ location, user profile, usage history and length of usage sessions. It profiles user name, age, gender and location. It tracks user sessions through login and log-out logs from the Web Station™ application. Customers may make use of this data-mining feature to analyse usage data and serve targeted online services to users.

The sample data below shows statistics for individual Web Station™s matched to the user profile, browsing history and length of usage sessions.

Capture Image Profile
Web Station™s in public areas are also equipped with cameras to capture user's image with the user's permission. This allows businesses to use the image profile to deliver personalised services. A user's image can be captured and analysed using facial recognition software to determine distinguishing features such as age, appearance and ethnicity.

Fig.1 Sample Data

StreetPartner™ Ad Server Platform
StreetPartner™ tracks Usage Session to identify a unique profile based on User ID, location, usage history and session time.

View Usage Session
A user identified as Becky Riley, aged 16-25, in Fig.1, logs in regularly at the Web Station™ in Union Square, San Francisco.

Location UserName Snapshot Browsing History Time Started Time Ended
South Beach Javier Guerero
Age 36-45
06/06/2010 13:42:15 06/06/2010
13:47: 02
Union Square Becky Riley
Age 16-25
06/06/2010 13:20:13 06/06/2010
13: 35:43
Farrell St Sam Hicks
Age 26-35
13:52: 27
14:03: 24
Winny Phillips
Age 16-25
06/06/2010 14:05:56 06/06/2010
Fig.2 Sample User Profile

Browsing History
StreetPartner™ analyses the user's browsing history and matches it with personalised services.
StreetPartner™'s analysis of Becky Riley's usage history in Fig.2, reveals that she frequently browses travel sites.

Fig.3 Sample Browsing History

Unique Matching Technology
StreetPartner™'s unique algorithm matches the user profile with a relevant ad banner in the database.
In Fig.3, StreetPartner™ Ad Matching technology uses a unique algorithm to find a match between Becky Riley's profile and an ad for a Samsonite Ladies Travel Bag.

User Profiles Usage History   Ad Banner Database
Fig.4 Sample Ad Matching

Select Ad Banner
In Fig.4, StreetPartner™ creates a match and automatically uploads the selected Samsonite Ladies Travel Bag Ad Banner from the Database.

Category Advertiser Ad Banner URL
Gym Bay Club http://adbannerdatabase.htm?id\=4?id=6
Ladies Travel Luggage Samsonite http://adbannerdatabase.htm?id\=4?id=7
Watch Longines http://adbannerdatabase.htm?id\=4?id=9
Fig.5 Sample Ad Banner Database

Display Ad Banner
The selected ad banner is uploaded into the browser. StreetPartner™, in Fig.5 displays the Samsonite Ladies Travel Bag into the browser, the next time the user logs in at a Web Station™.
StreetPartner™ Ad Matching technology matches Becky Riley's location in Union Square with a Samsonite outlet in the nearby Bloomingdale's Westfield mall and informs the user of the outlet location in the Banner Ad.

Fig.6 Sample Webpage with Ad Banner

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