Remote Management
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Remote Management

Remote Management feature allows customers to monitor Web Station™ status, poll sessions reporting and maintain system uptime remotely from a central location without needing to assign onsite personnel.

Customers are able to monitor the network if Web Station™s are down, idle or busy and reboot each Web Station™ remotely. Web Station™s can reboot automatically if an applications is terminated. This is made possible by the use of TR069 management functionality.

TR069 Management
TR069 is a WAN Management protocol of the Broadband forum that defines an application layer protocol to remotely manage end-user devices. It defines specifications that can be implemented for

Auto Configuration and Dynamic Service Provisioning
Status and Performance Monitoring
Software/Firmware Image Management

Streetspace uses TR069 to enable Web Station™s to communicate with the Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) and establish the configuration automatically. It enables Streetspace Web Station™s to be managed remotely by any TR069 enabled ACS server in the market without needing to undergo integration. TR069 is the current standard for activation of DSL terminals.

Monitor Web Station™ Performance and Respective Locations
Remotely install and update applications
Remote manage and distribute content
Schedule automatic software updates
Remote reboot
Automatic application restart if illegal operation encountered
Automatic restart if the application is terminated

The screenshot below shows the station status of all Web Station™s in the network including Last Start-up Time, System Uptime and System Status of every Web Station.

Self Recovery Feature
The Web Station™s self-recovery and diagnostic features enable it to run with minimal human intervention and maintenance.

Connection Detection
In the event network connection is down, the Web Station™'s client automatically tries to reestablish connection with the StreetPartner™ backend server. If a user accesses the Web Station™ when there is no connection, it automatically notifies the user that the system is currently offline and will be online shortly.

Heartbeat - Status Update
The Web Station™ sends timely “heartbeat” updates to the server signaling its health and status. This status is recorded in StreetPartner™

Watchdog - Auto Reboot
The Watchdog monitors the Web Station™ at all times and automatically reboots the Web Station™ if the system hangs or is an application is terminated. All information is logged by StreetPartner™.

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