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Terminals impact being felt in retail
" Retailers that hosted Streetspace terminal pilots saw an increase in sales. They've had people walk in the door specifically to use the Web Station™, but then stay around and shop."

Touch Screen
Surface Acoustic Wave


Wide angle pinhole camera for video conferencing applications

Card Reader

The Web Station™ is equipped with an integrated Card reader for prepaid and reload cards to facilitate Payments. Smartcard and Contactless smart card reader to offer users the option to pay via prepaid cards or scratch cards.


Thermal printer, A4 printer to hardcopy tickets, receipts, passes, vouchers etc


Handset for VoIP telephony


Key Features - Web Station™

Industrial Grade Design
IDEO Design
Industrial Design Award winning Outer shell designed by world leading design house, IDEO Design, US.

No Moving Parts
The Web Station™'s robust hardware is designed without moving parts such as fans or hard drives that are susceptible to mechanical failure.

Stainless Steel Keyboard
Stainless Steel and spill resistant keyboard.

Industrial Grade Design Ensures Reliability
The Web Station™ is a robust solution equipped with industrial-rated electronic components for high internet traffic and heavy usage patterns. It is designed with high quality industrial grade motherboard and hardware to ensure high uptime and avoid crash or breakdowns. Its design allows for easy servicing and maintenance.

Robust Hardware Construction
Its sturdy, vandal-proof hardware construction is made of a 100% aluminium dye cast outer shell. It is fitted with spill-proof and tamperproof Stainless Steel metal keyboard, touchpad, metal tracker ball and tempered glass screen for additional protection against vandalism Tamperproof keyboards increase system uptime and eliminate service calls due to damaged keyboards in the field.

Embedded Operating System Ensures Optimal Performance
The Web Station™'s embedded operating system optimises performance and ensures negligible support is needed. The resulting low capital expenditure adds to the outstanding value proposition of the terminal.

Secure Sessions
Secure Sessions Protect Privacy
The Web Station™'s higher capacity flash memory ensures secure browsing and guarantees privacy as users’ private data is cleared at the end of each user session when users log off. It is not cached or stored on the terminal.

Data Security
The Web Station™'s built-in security features disable browser applications and keyboard functions from accessing applications or utilities that use the system or OS related components and ports on the exterior of the system. These are only made accessible to the authorized personnel.

Customised Firefox Browser
The Web Station™'s thin client software is optimised for web browsing and ensures users experience a constant and stable browsing experience.

Multiple Interfaces
Currently the Web Station™ offers the convenience of integrated Wi-Fi on motherboard that allows it to synchronise with any Wi-Fi hotspot. Network Interfaces via Ethernet or GPRS/EDGE are also available.

Perfomance Management
Administrative features to monitor network status
Heartbeat status update
Connection detection
Self recovery feature

Remote Management
Remotely monitor status of Web Station™s
Remotely reboot Web Station™s
Remotely distribute and manage content
Remotely install and update applications
Schedule automatic software updates
Remotely monitor system uptime with Watchdog tool

     See StreetPartner™ for more information

Install and Operate
Low Capital and Operating Costs
The Web Station™’s superior system reliability and low maintenance translates into low capital expenditure and operating expenses for operators.

Low Power Consumption
The Web Station™'s industrial grade, ultra low voltage PC technology, built-in power-saving mode and a 10.4” LCD screen combine to lower power consumption and deliver high power savings.

Small Footprint for Easy Installation
Unlike conventional terminals, it is not a large clumsy boxy design, and is optimised for good space utilization.

Maintenance and Support Program
A comprehensive Maintenance Programme ensures break-fix maintenance and ready availability of components.

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