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Maybank To Spend Up To RM2 Mln To Set Up Four@ Maybank2u Lounges
These lounges are Maybank's latest initiatives to provide an enriching banking experience for customers in need of Internet access to do their banking via
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Internet Banking

Self Service terminals enable customers to conduct transactions independently without requiring over-the-counter services. Operators are also able to prioritise service personnel availability and reduce operational overheads.

  Our internet banking strategy helps our customers by distributing and expanding our delivery channels as wide as possible, so that any person with or without a computer will still be able to make their banking transactions, not only from the comfort of their homes but also anywhere in the world.  
- Dato’ Sri Abdul Hamidy Abdul Hafiz
AFFIN BANK, Managing Director/ CEO

Online banking is becoming the normal mechanism for customers to go about their banking. The Web Station™ is set to introduce customers to the ease of online banking and demonstrate the security of paying bills and transferring funds over the Internet. Due to its availability many users walk into the retail branches and use the online banking terminal next to the ATMs.

Secure User Sessions
The Web Station™'s in-built security features enhance data security data and facilitate e-Banking services and transactions. Users’ data cache is cleared at the end of each user session when users log off the Web Station™. It is not cached or stored on the terminal.

Data Security
The browser-based application on the Web Station™ prevents access to any other system applications or utilities. Additionally the Web Station™'s keyboard functionalities that access OS related components and ports on the exterior of the system are disabled to the user. These are only accessible to authorized personnel.

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