McDonalds Adds Free Access to Menu
“Recognizing the increasing need to build a strong presence online, many retailers are calling on Streetspace to help them leverage their physical space to introduce their websites to customers.”
- QSR Magazine

The Streetspace Web Station™s is designed, developed and commercialized by Embedded Wireless Labs Sdn. Bhd.

EWL designs and develops innovative Internet and wireless telecommunications products and solutions focusing in the areas of Internet technologies, Mobile platform, Media Storage, Medical, Avionics and Automotive engineering solutions.

EWL integrates cross-disciplinary engineering capabilities in software and hardware to conceptualise and develop cutting edge products for companies seeking to expand their products, systems or services.

EWL is strongly committed to building successful partnerships and strong international brands. EWL has patented over 47 technologies since 1997 covering areas such as Baseband Processor, High Power Microwave Radio, Unique Power Saving Design for remote unmanned locations to Telecom Signaling and Switching.

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